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Associate Of Religious Arts
Prospective Student Bachelor Of Religious Arts
Current Student Master Of Religious Arts Applied Theology
Doctor of Ministry Business Admin.
Admission Christian Education
Financial Christian Counseling

Master of Arts in
36 Hours beyond Bachelor Degree Required
18 Major, 6 Thesis, 12 Electives

The objective of the MA in Applied Theology program is to provide a solid basis in theological foundations including the Bible, theology, church history, and related theological studies, and equip students to develop a specialization for specific vocational aims. Students will learn to use the tools of theology to evaluate other disciplines and their own experience; they will apply current practice and learning in a particular area of interest; listen to others' views and have a world perspective; and develop their own spiritual journey.

Master of Religious Arts
45 Hours beyond Bachelors Degree Required

The objective of the M.A. in Business Administration program is to prepare students for responsible careers in business enterprises, government organizations, and in non-profit organizations.  This program is designed to provide opportunities for developing skill in scientific analysis and in an ability to integrate concepts and research findings of business and social sciences.

Master of Religious Arts
36 Hours beyond Bachelors Degree Required
(21 hours of Core Courses and 15 hours of Electives)

The objective of the M.A. in Christian Education program is to develop understanding philosophical, historical and Biblical foundations of Christian Education; utilize sound educational practices in developing teaching skills; understand theories of learning, motivation and development; be able to identify social and psychological patterns of development; apply Biblically sound principles to life adjustments; and understand, analyze and develop components of curriculum.  This program will provide students with in-depth knowledge of Christian Education and will assist them in developing their skills and methods to become excellent Christian Education teachers who have a heart of learning and disseminating knowledge to learners.

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