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Associate Of Religious Arts
Prospective Student Bachelor Of Religious Arts Applied Theology
Current Student Master Of Religious Arts Business Admin.
Doctor of Ministry Christian Education
Admission Christian Counseling

Bachelor of Arts in
60 Hours beyond Associates Degree Required
51 Major, 9 Gen Ed

The heart of the B.A. in Applied Theology program at Aidan University is to focus the student on the core tools of theology that are used to evaluate other disciplines, integrate biblical knowledge, and their own experiences.   The skills to handle documents of Christian faith, practical ministry and develop self-awareness in relation to their own spiritual journey will be emphasized. The program will provide the student a broad knowledge of theological studies from church history, ethics, and other significant disciplines.

Bachelor of Religious Arts
60 Hours beyond Associates Degree Required
51 Major, 9 Gen Ed

The objective of the B.A. in Business Administration program at Aidan University is to equip the student thorough an understanding of the nature of business, the functions of management, organizational theory and principles, teamwork, interpersonal relations, ethnics,  resources,  and how to apply  the acquired knowledge in the decision making process.  The program provides a foundation of business administration courses, management, accounting, marketing, business law, finance, and economics necessary to compete in both the local and global marketplace.

Bachelor of Religious Arts
60 Hours Beyond Associates Degree Required
51 Major, 9 Gen Ed

The objective of the B.A. in Christian Education Program at Aidan University is to assist students in obtaining a quality education through specific Christian courses, electives and experiential knowledge, preparing the student to work within a church school or other Christian school. The program is designed to meet the specific needs of the church with emphases in a variety of educational ministry areas including Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Adult and Family Ministry, General Christian Education Ministries, and Cross-Cultural Ministries.

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