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General Education Program

A key purpose of general education is to equip people for their common responsibilities as free people in a culturally diverse, open society. General education provides the opportunities to gain skills, knowledge and values necessary for individuals to participate fully in society. One must have the knowledge and skills to understand and argue the important issues of the day. To think effectively about contemporary issues such as poverty, environmental pollution, discrimination, or health care delivery requires knowledge of the natural, social, and mathematical sciences. Integrated into all of these sciences is the issue of the spiritual. Furthermore, these issues call for aesthetic and ethical reflection that is developed most profoundly through the arts and humanities.

General Education Curriculum

Based on the purpose of general education, the program’s success depends on realizing a concrete set of expected outcomes. These outcomes are as follows:


  • The ability to read and write effectively
  • The ability to reason soundly, and to think critically and analytically
  • The ability to utilize information systems effectively


  • Understanding of the natural world
  • Understanding of the social/political/economic world
  • Understanding of history, literature, and philosophy, to include Christian literature in these areas


  • Appreciation of significant artistic achievement
  • Understanding and appreciation of cultural, racial, and gender differences
  • Reflective understanding of one’s own values, especially that of spiritual values

The skills, knowledge, and values that are the aims of general education are objects of lifelong pursuits.  The general education curriculum that follows is designed to facilitate that pursuit and encourage the dispositions of mind that will sustain it.

The objective of the General Education program at Aidan University is to equip students with the fundamental knowledge, skills, and values foundational for academic achievement.  The program will provide opportunities to acquire ability, information and strong principles necessary for individuals to understand important issues of the day, think effectively about contemporary topics, and participate in the common responsibilities as free people in a culturally open society.   The religious education component of the program provides the student a balance in their learning process.
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