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  • Step 1.  Anyone with a grievance or complaint may request an individual conference with the instructor or staff member to discuss the matter.
  • Step 2.  If a satisfactory resolution to the problem is not reached, the aggrieved party should  seek guidance from the Academic Dean, if it is an academic issue. Otherwise, the aggrieved party should proceed to step three.
  • Step 3.  If the previous steps have not solved the grievance within 48 hours of the incident, the aggrieved party must present to the President, in writing, all facts of the grievance. Within 24 hours, upon receipt of the written information, the President will schedule a Grievance Committee hearing.

 The time of the meeting will be communicated, in writing, to all parties. The Committee will consist of the Academic Dean, the Dean of Students, two staff  members, two faculty members, and two students not involved with the incident in question. All persons involved with the incident, or their representatives, must be present at the time of the hearing or they will be considered to have waived their interest in the proceeding. All parties involved will be given the opportunity to discuss the grievance.

The Grievance Committee will excuse all parties involved in the grievance and will immediately review and conclude the case. The decision of the Committee will be communicated within 48 hours to those involved in the incident. The Committee’s decision will be final. Any grievance that involves the protesting of a grade received by a student must be initiated by the student no later than the end of the semester immediately following the term in which the course was given.

The Commission for Independent Education (CIE) provides complaint procedures for the filing of complaints against licensed institutions. CIE requires that the complainant have exhausted all complaint and grievance procedures provided under the institutional policy. Should such a complaint be filed, CIE will review the matter to determine whether there may have been any violation of its criteria and standards, and can take action only if it determines there to have been such a violation. CIE can be contacted at;

Commission for Independent Education
325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
(850) 245-3200.

Aidan University : 5353 Arlington Expressway, Suite 211, Jacksonville, Florida 32211
P.O. Box 351148, Jacksonville, Florida 32235-1148, USA
Office (888) 985-6467 x 104 or (904) 559-1303